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Solganick & Co. Advises IT Services firm CONTAX, Inc. on it’s Acquisition of SAP partner Onshore Partners, Inc.

(Los Angeles, CA) June 3, 2016 – Boutique advisory firm Solganick & Co.  advised Chicago, IL based SAP partner Contax, Inc. on its acquisition of Onshore Partners, Inc. demonstrating its industry leadership in the software and sector. The firm's specialization in IT services, software, and digital media sectors provided a great deal of expertise to the acquiring firm, reducing the need for management resources, offering insight into the valuation climate and trends and ultimately resulting in a better outcome for all parties involved.

Contax is a SAP Gold Partner delivering comprehensive business solutions in the enterprise resource planning systems space. Contax focuses on strategies, designs and implementations, allowing it to diminish many of the problems currently plaguing IT services companies. It gained an interest in Onshore Partners, one of the fastest growing companies in the country, due to the end-to-end technology enabled business solutions it provides. Onshore differentiated itself by creating flexible delivery models, ensuring measurable outcomes, and focusing on customer service. This built long-term loyalty across ERP, CRM, MDM, and payments technologies services. Solganick's IT services industry M&A expertise and deeper understanding of Contax's needs and goals allowed it to minimize transaction risk while helping to acquire the rapidly growing SAP systems integrator.

In looking at the acquisition, Aaron Solganick, Founder and CEO of Solganick & Co, said “We added significant value through a number of relationships in the space, capitalizing upon our knowledge of the industry, what each company was looking for, and connecting those with aligning goals and interests.” Solganick continued, “Onshore Partners had a very complementary client base and product expertise to Contax. Both companies enjoyed stellar reputations in the industry, making the acquisition a natural fit for both parties.”

“Onshore Partners has built a great reputation for providing expert EPM services. They have serviced a very similar customer base to ours, and have become a significant player in their niche” said Michael Pearson, President and CEO, CONTAX, Inc. “The addition of Onshore's specialized expertise in EPM allows us to better serve our existing customers, and enables us to continue building our BPC software and solutions practice in North America, Europe and Australia.”

“We want to be number one in the SAP solutions space, and the addition of Onshore Partner's experience and expertise brings us closer to that goal,” added Pearson.

CONTAX purchase of Onshore Partners, Inc. is effective May 16, 2016.

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