We Help Increase Shareholder Value!

Solganick & Co. provides our client engagements with dedicated investment banking professionals with industry expertise in order to provide efficient origination and execution of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to increase shareholder value. We assist business owners and majority shareholders in achieving their transaction goals. Our team has a history of successfully completing M&A deals; over $20B completed to date.


Some of the services the firm provides are:

  • Sell-Side M&A Advisory – Preparing your company, and managing the M&A process, including finding potential buyers and increasing value, to merge or to sell.
  • Buy-Side M&A Advisory – Assisting in acquiring companies while identifying potential targets that are a strategic and financial fit. Managing the buy-side M&A process from start to finish.
  • Asset Sales and Divestitures – Selling company assets or subsidiary companies no longer relevant to your core business.
  • Majority Recapitalizations – Working with private equity firms taking a majority control position in or recapitalizing your company.
  • Corporate Finance Advisory – Conducting financial valuations to help your shareholders correctly value your business and assets

Solganick & Co. is a firm exclusively focused on executing M&A transactions for technology companies around the globe.

To contact Solganick & Co. for more information or to inquire about an M&A opportunity, please email us at [email protected]

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