May 22, 2020 – Aaron Solganick, CEO and Founder of Solganick & Co., was on the Software & SaaS / M&A Activities & Opportunities panel for an Axial Virtual Roundtable. The panel discussed the current M&A environment, the impact of COVID 19 on the M&A market, and the outlook and opportunities that are arising. Private equity professionals and investment bankers participated in this one hour+ virtual panel, including Mr. Solganick.

To access the entire video or audio version of the panel, go here:

Show Notes
Introductions 00:00 – 12:45

Sector-by-sector challenges – 12:45

Working remotely + the new normal – 30:00

The importance of being “mission-critical” – 35:50

How the debt market is impacting how deals get done – 40:30

When will in-person meetings start back up? – 48:50

Creativity to increase the likelihood to close – 53:56

Structuring a transaction & sharing risk – 1:01:01

Valuations – 1:07:00

About Solganick & Co.

Solganick & Co. is a data-driven investment bank and M&A advisory firm with a focus on the software and tech-enabled services sectors. Formed in 2009, the firm has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Toronto. Its team has completed over $20B in M&A transactions to date. For more information, go to

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