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Healthcare IT M&A Update, Q3 2020

Healthcare IT

December 24, 2020 – Solganick & Co. has issued its latest Healthcare IT M&A Update for Q3 2020. 

The complete report is available for download here: Solganick & Co. – Healthcare IT Q3 2020 – Final


The following summarizes the key highlights of the report:

Healthcare IT M&A activity returned in Q3 2020

  • The initial uncertainty and need to stabilize existing operations subsided, allowing for renewed focus on and interest in transaction pursuit
  • Debt-financing availability returned in Q3, further enabling market participants to transact
  • The healthcare industry continues to experience sudden and long-lasting changes due to the pandemic
  • Wide adoption of telemedicine
  • In-home and remote care capability focus
  • Utilization volatility, particularly for elective care
  • Removal of regulatory hurdles (temporary)
  • Notable Healthcare IT transactions included the announced merger of Teladoc Health and Livongo in August, 
    Waystar’s $1.3 billion acquisition of RCM technology company eSolutions, and Health Catalyst’s acquisition of healthfinch
  • IPO and financing activity during the quarter was extremely robust
    Significant IPO activity, aided by strong public market environment
    13 “mega-deal” financings  of over $100 million were announced in Q3 2020 alone


Solganick & Co. is a data-driven investment bank and M&A advisory firm with expertise within the healthcare IT sector. Its deal team has completed multiple M&A transactions within the healthcare industry sector for fast growing, mid-market, and large enterprise clients. To inquire about an M&A transaction, please contact us.