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Solganick & Co. issues its latest Healthcare IT M&A Update

November 3, 2020 – Solganick & Co. issues its latest Healthcare IT M&A Update for Q2 2020.

You can download the full report here: Solganick & Co. – Healthcare IT Quarterly – Q2 2020

The following summarizes the report:

  • There is continued interest in M&A from both private equity and strategic acquirers, but with a sharper focus on valuation and strategic opportunity.
  • Beneficiaries of new environment are emerging in immediate term, while significant challenges remain for many industry participants.
  • M&A volume accelerated over the course of the quarter, while VC funding and IPO activity continue to be strong.
  • Macro-level trends remain relevant
    Consumerism driven by increased patient financial exposure and enhanced availability of information.
  • Willingness and desire by patients to receive more care in outpatient, at-home and electronic settings.
  • Continued shift towards value-based payment environment will create new business opportunities.
  • Large players aggressively expanding organically and through acquisition, and will continue to disrupt the industry in many ways (e.g., Amazon, Walmart).
  • Demographic tailwinds for the industry as a whole (i.e., increased care utilization due to aging of baby boom generation).

Healthcare IT Index: Valuation Multiples by Quarter

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