Why Experience Matters More Than Intellect When Selling Your Technology Company

People in the technology industry tend to be highly intelligent. But when it’s time to sell your business, intellect matters far less than experience. The more complex a task is, the greater the advantages are of prior experience. Selling a business is a highly complex undertaking—one for which even the savviest IT people are rarely […]

Investment Bankers, Valuations, and More – Developing Your Sale the Right Way

Selling a technology  company, whether it might be an IT services or digital media company sell, naturally comes with a lot of questions and uncertainty. For many tech company founders, this might be the first time they are thinking about selling any kind of company – an event typically requiring months of planning, preparation and […]

Trends, Terms, and What Tech Company Buyers Look For

  Owners of emerging tech companies in the IT services, software and digital media spaces might find that there is much more to running a business than they had initially expected. Beyond simply developing new software solutions or finding new ways to integrate SAP and Oracle into client workflows, they often find themselves needing to […]

M&A Terminology 101 – 4 Types of M&A Transactions Every Tech Company Founder Should Know

A primer on transactions: mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, and more The skills and knowledge required to build up a company, especially software, IT services and digital media companies, are seldom the skills typically required in selling a company through a merger or acquisition. This is likely because building a tech company or software business seldom involves or […]