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Artificial Intelligence M&A and VC Funding Update, H1 2018

Los Angeles, CA – August 17, 2018 – Solganick & Co. issues its latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) M&A and VC Funding update for H1 2018.  The following highlights the report, which can be downloaded here: Solganick Co Artificial Intelligence MnA Update H1 2018

  • Total US Artificial Intelligence M&A deals are on pace to hit 131 acquisitions by the end of 2018, a 14% increase from 2017.
  • Artificial Intelligence M&A multiples have been scarce, but A2iA was acquired for approximately $58m, or 29x EBITDA, by Mitek Systems.
  • VC funding for Artificial Intelligence continues to grow signaling an increase in investor confidence. Artificial Intelligence VC funding totaled $4.2B for H1 2018, a 77% increase compared to H1 2017’s total of $$2.38B. The large increase in VC funding signals a long-term increase in Artificial Intelligence M&A activity.


10 top tech companies currently investing and acquiring in AI include:

NVIDIA and Nuance


A few highlighted M&A and VC transactions within the AI sector include:

  • Salesforce Signs Definite Agreement to Acquire Datorama
  • S&P Global Completes Acquisition of Kensho
  • Alibaba Joins $600M Round For Chinese AI Facial Recognition Start-up Megvii
  • SenseTime Closes $620M Series C+ round with Alibaba & Qualcomm


To review the complete report, go here:  Solganick Co Artificial Intelligence MnA Update H1 2018


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