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CEO, Aaron Solganick, Quoted in LA Times

June 17, 2017 – Los Angeles, CA – The founder and CEO of Solganick & Co., Aaron Solganick, was quoted in the Los Angeles Times today regarding the recent announcement of Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods Market.  The article questioned a potential trend (or not) with Silicon Valley technology companies acquiring non-technology businesses. 

Aaron Solganick said, “It’s unlikely any would tarnish their brands by acquiring a company that doesn’t have a high-end appeal. For instance, Solganick doesn’t expect Apple to buy Ford anytime soon despite the iPhone maker’s growing interest in making self-driving cars and the fact that it has five times as much cash as likely needed to acquire the slumping auto giant.

On the flip side, automakers are identifying tech investments of their own. It’s an open question, for example, whether they will stick with manufacturing in the long run versus farming it out. That’s what Jaguar is already doing with its I-Pace luxury electric SUV, due in 2018. The car will be built by a manufacturing contractor, similar to Foxconn building iPhones for Apple.

In the end, the necessity of traditional industrial firms to adapt means fewer tech-buys-old-school announcements than vice versa, Solganick said.”

You can read the full article, titled “Silicon Valley’s acquisition targets aren’t just in tech anymore” here: Los Angeles Times