June 8, 2017 – Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA –  Technology and Digital Media investment banking firm Solganick & Co. has issued it’s latest Digital Media M&A Update for Q1 2017.   Solganick – Q1 2017 Digital Media Report

The following summarizes the report highlights:


Digital Media M&A Drivers 2017


 Mobile Pushes Steady Internet Usage Growth

U.S Adults now spend over 5.6 hours per day on the internet, including over 3 hours per day on mobile when compared to under 1 hour per day in 2011. Yet, desktop usage has declined slightly, indicating it’s more of an addiction of mobile than a shift to mobile.


 Mobile Ad Dollars Now Exceed Desktop

While total online ad spend is growing steadily, mobile has now overtaken the desktop in ad dollars just like it has with usage time.


There Should Be More Ad Spend On Mobile

People spend 28 percent of their media time on mobile yet it only receives 21 percent of ad spend, indicating there’s a $16 billion opportunity for more mobile ads.


You can access and download the complete report here:  Solganick – Q1 2017 Digital Media Report