Healthcare IT M&A

Solganick & Co. provides investment banking and mergers & acquisitions (M&A) advisory including deal origination, management and execution to fast-growing Healthcare Information Technology (IT) companies. Our firm is exclusively technology-focused and provides a comprehensive approach to the marketplace to identify strategic and financial buyers and sellers globally.

Our Healthcare IT M&A practice is one of our fastest growing teams and supports our client’s transaction goals in achieving strategic and financial outcomes for its shareholders.

Solganick & Co. has completed several M&A transactions in the sector and views the healthcare IT industry as an important ongoing industry. The firm believes it will continue to consolidate as the market demand for automation and new technologies increase.

A few of the industry sectors we cover within Healthcare IT include the following:

  • Healthcare Software
  • Healthcare Data and Analytics
  • Healthcare Tech-Enabled Services, IT Consulting, Managed Services, Cloud Hosting, and Systems Integration
  • Healthcare IT Outsourcing and BPO
  • Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare Applications, Analytics, and Research
  • Digital Health and Telemedicine

See a recent M&A transaction we completed in this sector:

Insipirata acquires Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Inspirata Acquires Toronto-Based Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Inc. (AIM) to Enhance its R&D in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing

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